Let Rogic play at Ibrox

Let Rogic play at Ibrox

Firstly Merry Christmas to one and all, bless the lot of ye! We have been a little quiet with posting for a while but feel that if there is ever a subject worth a blog it is this, Tom Rogic must play at Mordor.

As an Australian, the Socceroos are my first love in Football, I started watching them in 1993 when we were attempting to qualify for USA 94 with the Aussies missing out to an own goal in a 0-1 loss in Buenos Aires after a 1-1 in Sydney to a team featuring Maradona, Redondo and Batistuta.

Later that year with people asking who my club team was I picked Celtic, or more Celtic picked me. I fell in love with the club that a year later went within 2 hours of liquidation and then went through the misery of the 9 in a row, the Barnes era not to say the stolen titles of the EBT era.

I adore the Socceroos and always will, in fairness to Chris Sutton Asia is a Mickey Mouse continent in Football and Australia a Mickey Mouse team by European standards, but that is who we are and that is all we have, not all of us can bleat on about 1966 like we were alive when it happened.

The situation with Rogic is a shame, on the one hand Australia must maximise its chances at the Asian Cup but on the other we endlessly complain about the dearth of matriculation to the top Leagues in Europe, the team that held the Argentines in Sydney would beat the current Socceroos 5-0 blindfolded.

If we want to see our best players make the step up to the European threshold then we can’t go banning them from playing in showpiece games such as the Glasgow Derby.

It will deter other clubs from going in for our young players and do nothing to improve our fortunes which have been in rapid decline since the retirement of the Golden generation lead by the likes of Kewell, Schwarzer and Viduka.

A game for Celtic vs the Newco is the best possible warm-up for Big Tam, Jordan, Palestine and Syria will be hard to beat in the gulf, they will have the home support and refereeing decisions.

The Arabs make Kyle Lafferty look like Bobo Balde when it comes to taking a knock, they role on the floor at the slightest touch whilst kicking out with impunity. It is a great evener in the Gulf and one that those who haven’t watched Football in Asia will be unaware of.

Rogic must play in the Asian showpiece, that isn’t contested, but with Australi’s first game on the 6th of January, there should be nothing barring him from playing on the 29th of December.

Common sense should prevail, with all the noise this has created a lot more eyes are on this than normal, should Celtic lose the Rogic factor will be brought up over and over again.

This will deter clubs from Europe bringing Australians to play at the Leagues and levels that the FFA, Socceroos management, the players and the fans want to see our best and brightest playing in.

Arnold should be pragmatic, he has helped himself to Boyle from Hibs who is as Australian as Iron Bru, it is one thing to take from another league and nation, it is another altogether to fleece two showpiece derbies of 4 players for the want of a training camp.

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