Winning In Style, The Sinclair Effect and All Eyes On Treble

Winning In Style, The Sinclair Effect and All Eyes On Treble

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That, my friends is how you wrap up the title in some style. A five goal hammering might at first glance seem harsh on the Jambos but the reality is that it could have been even more but for two , ahem, offside goals.

Bottom line is that I don’t think we played at our best but such is the confidence raging through the team that we were never going to be playing for the title against Partick.

The beauty of our team this season is that there has always been someone ready, willing and able to step into the breach and win games. Think of Dedryck after he came into the tea and the winning goals he scored. Think of Tom Rogic and the goals he scored at Pittodrie and Fir Park to win games. Think of Moussa when wee Leigh was injured when Sevco came to town in September and his hat trick. Think of yesterday when Scotty Sinclair took centre stage, aided and abetted by Paddy, and propelled the Hoops to a thumping win and the league title. No centre forwards, no problem!

We already had a goal disallowed before Scotty unleashed a rocket past the Jambos keeper after Paddy played him in. BOOM! The ball exploded into the roof of the net before the keeper could react. The second goal was equally delightful as Scotty was played in behind the defence and finished with aplomb. The other goals were the icing on the cake with fine finishes from Stuart Armstrong and Paddy.

The old adage says that the best team wins the league and this season, despite the best efforts of our closest rivals Aberdeen, we have been in a league of our own.

Special mention to the fantastic Craig Gordon this season. So often outfield players get the glory but the big fella has been terrific all season. He had a couple of good saves yesterday and has shown throughout the campaign he has been reliable and growing in confidence. Craig has been well worthy of his new deal and when we get Stuart Armstrong signed up and KT on a ten year contract we can all rest easily.

If you have not had a chance please read Ozbhoy’s comments yesterday on Scott Sinclair and the importance of signing players like him. Whilst not abandoning the Moneyball speculative signings he advocates the importance of shopping in the market where we spent a little of money on an established player who has added so much value to our team. Ozbhoy’s called it The Sinclair Effect whereby Scott’s class and ability has helped others. It is certainly worth consideration and if Brendan and his team can unearth another Scotty type player we will all be very happy.

With the league in the bag sole focus for me is the Scottish Cup. I would gladly forfeit being undefeated in the league to secure the Cup. Of course I am greedy and want both but we should be aiming to peak in the semi final against Sevco. This may mean rotating and resting players to ensure they are in peak condition for Hampden. We have had a few slip ups at Hampden of late and last months league clash against the current Govan team shows we have to be switched on from the start to the finish.

Finally, with the change in the clocks last weekend it was just so good not to have to stay up too late to watch the game at Tynecastle with a 9.30 start for Hoops fans on the Eastern part of Oz and for our fans in  Western Australia the 12.30 kick offs are even better with a 7.30 kick off. Nice 😀

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