Hoops Take Academicals Test

Hoops Take Academicals Test

Next up for the Hoops is Hamilton, not ICT as I wrongly stated in the previous blog. This led to questions as to whether I was a Hun, but none surprisingly asking if I was incompetent!!!?? I was, he typed shamefacedly!!

We play at home and we hope to continue our slump/ winning run depending on whether you are MSM or a Celtic fan. The team has shown on occasions that when everything clicks we are unstoppable and some of the football this year has had almost everyone excited.Signings like Scotty Sinclair and Moussa have electrified and the players who seemingly toiled under Ronny have sparkled.

Scotty Sinclair….electrifying!

Someone made a comment on the blog that we are beating everyone we are expected to beat and whilst it is true we have a bigger budget than other teams in the league I never take any victory for granted. When I went to the games, and now watching on TV I always hope we win but I can say honestly I don’t expect us to win every game, as much as we would all want to. Even now that we are at the end of February and undefeated domestically I will not take anything for granted. Let me qualify that a wee bit….I have accepted we are not getting caught in the League and will be Champions but nevertheless it is vitally important that we treat each game and contest in its own right.

This means respecting our opponents but hopefully being good enough and working hard enough to keep the streak going. Which brings us nicely to the Hamilton game. They may be bottom of the league by the time we play them if ICT win their home game on Friday evening. Whether ICT win or lose Hamilton may feel that they can come to Celtic Park with nothing to lose and have a go. I am not holding my breath waiting for them to do this but it would be a refreshing change from teams like Motherwell who basically came to defend as deep as possible and keep the score down.

The reality for teams this season is that Celtic can play against a packed defence and move them about enough to wear them down and create chances Lisbon Lions style by getting to the byeline and crossing or cutting back to players arriving in the box. We can also break with devastating pace and power if teams push too high up against us and I guess the challenge for Hamilton will be whether to stick or twist.

Celtic’s biggest enemy in a game like this (refereeing officials aside) is Celtic. We have to match Hamilton’s work- rate and ensure that we do not become complacent and expect to turn up and win. Thus far the evidence has shown us that Brendan won’t allow the team to slack off and it has been so pleasing to see this Celtic side work harder than any other team in the country.

When we work hard our quality comes to the fore and hopefully goals will follow. A 2am alarm for me and hopefully another three points for us.

I have been reading about the hotel etc this week. Forgive my caution but the casino etc down Govan way some years ago turned out to be a stick with which we mercilessly beat the old RFC fans with and if and when structures start going up then I will breathe easily. It looks good on paper but to paraphrase ole Big ‘ead Brian Clough…hotels aren’t built on paper*.

*What Cloughy said….. We had a good team on paper. Unfortunately the game was played on grass. I hope everyone has a great weekend and we get another victory.Come on Celtic!!!


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