SBS trying to sell Rogic for peanuts

SBS trying to sell Rogic for peanuts

The story about contract negotiations breaking down between Celtic and Tom Rogic seem to be an outsourced article from the Record or ET in what has always been a well respected Australian network, SBS.

The World Game is a fantastic brand, be its online publication or the hours of programming of football that traditionally filled the TV guide when titans of Australian sporting media Johnny Warren and Les Murray brought football to Australians long before Fox.

I wonder how these two men would think of such a spurious story?

Brendan Rodgers has stated that a breakdown in negotiations is news to him on Sky Sports, the premise of the ‘breakdown’ is laughable as is the language used to describe it.

TWG value Australia’s finest footballer at $6 million, or a mere £3. 3 million, claiming that the interest of Arsenal which was for £7 million was ‘fanciful’.

“It is understood” has long been a media phrase for you can’t sue us for libel for making things up, what they perceive to understand is that Rogic is unhappy with the terms and a squeeze on game time due to Charly Musonda’s arrival.

Let us understand this clearly, Rogic has been injured for swathes of the year as he has been in other campaigns, Celtic have stood by him this year throughout his recovery as we have in the past.

Squeeze on game time this season? When you can’t play your time is squeezed somewhat, the arrival of Musonda came a few weeks ago when Rogic was injured and long term he is not a threat as the article alludes to later.

But it’s been a different story so far in 2017-18, with a knee injury stopping him in his tracks and coach Brendan Rodgers appearing less enamored with a player capable of the spectacular but with question marks over his durability over 90 high-tempo minutes.

As highlighted from their own report, Rogic is not a 90-minute player, nor is James Forrest but he looks certain to be player of the year.

To say that “Rodgers appearing less enamored” is pure guff, let us take a quote from the gaffer in response to this garbage when asked if he wants Rogic to stay.

“Definitely. Tom is a very important player for Celtic.

“He has been a joy to work with in my time here. He has been here for a considerable period of time but certainly in the 20 months I have been here he has been absolutely brilliant.

Definitely, Important, Joy to work with, Absolutely brilliant are the terms of a manager who is very much fond of the popular Aussie, where on earth did this story come from and why the hell is it staining the reputation of a fine publication like TWG?

Rodgers has seen the worth of Moussa Dembele and Stuart Armstrong plummet as spurious media stories have distracted them over the last year.

Now from afar we are seeing TWG try and unsettle Australia’s finest player before a World Cup on the basis of no direct quotes, hazy language and incorrect assumptions.

Hopefully, Rodgers takes control of the negotiations and brings them to a speedy resolution, these sores are of the media’s making and they have festered long enough.

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