Super Celts set to queue raging off the radar

Super Celts set to queue raging off the radar

If Celtic beat the Newco today at Ibrox the ramifications for Pedro and the best squad in the country will be severe.

Many of us had a chuckle last weekend when the Peepul again descended to the lowest ebbs of the human condition with their diatribe about their management team after a draw vs Partick.

Be it by a margin of 1 goal or more, there will be no papering over an 8 point gulf.

Their season is on the line and it is still September, a month we are told that they will require yet another soft loan to survive through.

If the 9 million pounds expenditure doesn’t return a result today then we will likely see Eck back at Mordor trying to win without EBT’s before the month is over.

It will be amusing to see which players come back from exile and who are moved on in January to free up room for the next chapter of everyone’s favourite soap opera: Going for 55.

Captain Scott Brown he is relishing the upcoming battle in the BBC:

“We’re looking forward to it. Playing at Ibrox is always a great occasion. We always go [there] confident,”

“We are stronger and fitter than last season so we are relishing the game.”

The midfielder described Ibrox as “a hard place to go” but also “a great place when you go there and win”.

After last years opening derby whereby Joseph Barton was put in his place by the dominant midfielder, it would appear that this year the best squad in the country is about to be served a dose of equally cold reality.

Once the whistle blows at lunchtime in Govan, there will be nowhere for them to hide.

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